Sea TV Network's mission is the production and distribution of motion pictures and television programs that promote the public awareness, care and use of the world's oceans, lakes and waterways.

Sea TV Network produces quality programming to encourage the wise custodial care of our vast oceans and the planet's finite water resources. We are a pro-active advocate for protecting, preserving and promoting world conservation.

Our programming ranges from environmental, educational, entertainment, travel, sports and cooking, encouraging healthy activities as a way of life.

With the challenges of the 21st century, Sea TV Network offers programming in an effort to assist our various public and private U.S. agencies, offices, departments and organizations that have maritime influences such as the US Navy, US Coast Guard, NOAA, US Merchant Marine, Port Authority, Heal The Bay, The Surfrider Foundation, Scripps Institute, Coastal Commission, California Fisheries Department, and other. Sea TV Network recognizes the need to address controversial oceanic issues and pressing maritime matters as a component of responsible broadcasting journalism.

Sea TV Network supports family-friendly programming emphasizing great traditions and explores cutting-edge technology. Our team travels the world with exciting, enriching and educational ports 'o' call. In addition to our original programming, viewers will soon enjoy great maritime classic movies as well as including health and safety programming tips!

For those who love the sea, the Captain and Crew of Sea TV Network invites you to join us... "Welcome Aboard!